Monument Investigations is owned and managed by John Wake. John joined Bedfordshire Police in 1978, rising to the rank of Detective Superintendent over a thirty year career. Latterly, John was Head of the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service.

John has a wealth of experience in investigation ranging from relatively low level crimes as a “Bobby” through to high profile murder cases and nationwide strategic intelligence work. 

During the early 80’s John gained much experience in prosecuting cases at the Magistrates Court and in process serving of non payment fine warrants and failure to appear at court warrants. Later moving into the CID at Luton during the 80s and 90’s, John worked as a Detective in both the Crime Management Unit as well as the Intelligence Unit. 

John then worked in the Bedfordshire Force Control Room and managed the day to day allocation of incidents and resources for the County. After promotion in early 2006 John worked at Luton as the Chief Inspector of Operations. In this role he was leading on issues to do with crime management, crime investigation and detection and operational response. This included commanding major incidents, such as murder scenes, serious crime, public order and firearms warrants.

Business clients can be comfortable that John’s strategic management experience as well as his network of contacts will serve them well on higher level issues. John offers businesses a wealth of experience in investigation and administration throughout the process of advising on and implementing solutions.

Private clients are assured of a supportive, practical and effective approach toward solving problems. John is friendly, practical and results driven.

Monument Investigations, although based in Bedfordshire, operate throughout the UK using a wide network of trusted and qualified investigators. In all cases strict confidentiality and professional service can be expected.