Monument Investigations will:

  • Conduct all investigations professionally and within current legal guidelines.
  • Comply with all lawful requests from the authorities when required to do so by law.
  • Only accept a commission for cases where they or their agents are qualified and competent.
  • Be discreet in all matters, be courteous to all parties and maintain client confidentiality.
  • By embracing diversity will not deny any service to a client for reasons of
    race, religion, colour, sex, disability, sexual preference or nationality.
  • Decline to accept any commission which is or is believed to be unlawful.

1. Terms of contract
Monument Investigations will conduct investigations based upon the following terms and conditions, which:

  • Must be agreed and accepted by the client in full.
  • Override any special instructions or pre-requirements given by the client in any communication whether written or verbal.

2. Cost of service

  • The overall cost of the service provided to the client by Monument Investigations will be based upon the current schedule of charges.
  • A minimum and maximum cost will be agreed before the commission is accepted.

3. Payment

  • Monument Investigations will invoice the client for the cost of the service immediately upon completion of the previously agreed commission or at agreed stages throughout the investigation.
  • Unless by prior agreement the invoice should be paid in full on or before the 28th day after the date on the invoice. Payment should be by cash, cheque or BACS.

4. Default in payment

  • Failure to make payment in full, unless previously agreed, will result in civil action being taken by Monument Investigations to recover the outstanding balance.
  • Additional costs for loss of revenue and or time spent in bringing a civil case may be sought in addition to the outstanding amount.
  • The client may not withhold payment of any invoice due to Monument Investigations whilst attempting to settle any resultant dispute or counter claim.
  • If any attempt is made to “offset” then civil action will be taken to recover the outstanding amount.

5. Client responsibility

  • The client must in all cases ensure that the information provided to Monument Investigations is to the best of their knowledge and belief accurate and true.
  • No misleading or deliberately inaccurate information should be supplied in order to further the clients own intentions.
  • The client agrees that any information supplied by Monument Investigations should be used for lawful means and in the event that it is required for use in court or other legal proceedings that efforts are made to further verify it’s accuracy.
  • Monument Investigations will not be held liable for any costs incurred by the client by the use of such information supplied.
  • The client agrees to provide a minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation of any previously agreed commission and to accept liability for agreed services in the event that the required notice is not given.

6. Liability

  • Monument Investigations will not be held liable for any loss incurred or encountered by the client for any reason whatsoever in connection with any information provided.

7. Client loss

  • Monument Investigations shall not be liable to the client for any loss or damage irrespective of its cause which results from any action by either Monument Investigations or the client in relation to the information gained or provided.