Monument Investigations will understand the risk profile of your business. We specialise in helping businesses manage and control their criminal and fraudulent risks.

We know that businesses face many sensitive and confidential risks involving fraud and theft by both customers and staff. We understand that managing these issues requires not only experience but careful investigation and often tactful resolution. 
We also understand there may be occasions where a clear and unequivocal message must be delivered.

We know that criminal activity takes many forms including:

  • Simple theft
  • Organised and ongoing theft
  • Transactional fraud
  • Complex fraud
  • Data theft

We are also aware that management and shareholder value may be undermined by more subtle forms of activity relating to breach of contract:

  • Being paid whilst not working
  • Revealing sensitive company information
  • Retaining client data
  • Breach of restrictive covenants

We have the experience to manage the investigation and gather the evidence that will protect your shareholders interests. We provide a broad range of expertise and where necessary will call on experts in employment law. We are also happy to work with internal specialists in large businesses to provide video evidence and still photography. If required we will provide a full vehicle tracking service showing routes, locations, and times and dates of activities along with the appropriate investigation reports.