Fraud is one of the most prevalent crimes in modern society.

From the obtaining of credit or services by fraudulent means or by falsely claiming on an insurance policy, the end result is the same. Someone earns a financial reward and everyone else pays more. We all lose because prices have to increase to cover the cost of fraud.

We will carry out extensive enquiries into the claim being investigated. From examining the claim documents, through to investigating the allegations and documenting evidence along the way. Video, photographic, medical, forensic opportunities will all be used as well as expert examination of handwriting if required.

  • Is the employee claiming to be so badly injured that they cannot continue in work?
  • Was the car really stolen?
  • Was your staff member really “robbed” on the way to the bank?
  • Did the accident happen as described?

The questions are endless but the issue is the same. If your customers or employees are being dishonest, we will prove it!

We can provide a full evidential report, supported by documentary, photographic (still or video) and where applicable forensic evidence, suitable for civil, criminal or internal purposes.