Are you concerned about the activities of your partner?

  • Have you noticed a change in their behaviour?
  • Are they spending more time away from home?
  • Is your partner having financial difficulty?
  • Are you concerned about their gambling?
  • Are you concerned about their fidelity?

There are often very simple and quite innocent reasons why any of the above may occur. For instance your partner may be planning a special surprise for you or may be simply undertaking “normal” activities and it is you who are overly concerned.

Clearly there are also many occasions when the opposite is true.

We offer a discreet service to help you answer your questions. This can include video and still photography, vehicle tracking with live updates or a journey planner showing where your partner has been and for how long. We will provide a full report which can be used if necessary in any future matrimonial proceedings.

We will of course be be discreet, supportive and agree passwords and dedicated contact numbers before we embark upon your enquiry.

A note of caution:

Please think long and hard before you embark on this type of investigation; what you find may be very upsetting. We also understand that any type of uncertainty can be equally distressing and will discuss the options you have for minimising distress to all parties.