There are many reasons why people go missing.

  • Some have simply had enough of their current life style and need or want a change, others feel they need to move away as they are or believe they are in trouble.
  • Many simply do not know that they are missing. They have simply moved on and have not realised that someone else is concerned about them.
  • Generally missing persons who have been reported as such to the authorities will be located especially if they are young or vulnerable.

Perhaps you are trying to locate an ex partner, or you were adopted as a child and want to locate your birth parents, maybe you have lost contact with an old friend or a family member.

We can help and offer an expert tracing service, we will carry out enquiries in the area where the person was last known and will use our extensive network of databases and contacts to track down the missing person.

If necessary, we can provide you with whatever evidence we have obtained in a report form including video or photographic evidence.

A note of caution:

Please be aware that if you are trying to locate birth parents, estranged partners or family, they may not want to meet with you. This can lead to upset and we would advise you to be prepared for that when embarking on this type of investigation. We will arrange to go with you if appropriate to meet the missing person when located.