We have many years experience in surveillance techniques as well as the equipment to gather the evidence you require.

All staff used on surveillance operations have previous experience and will be trained and equipped for the task ahead. This can include foot and mobile surveillance as well as static observations points either manned or remotely managed.

Video and still footage can be obtained and delivered in a suitable format for future viewing. A journey logger detailing the exact route taken if using a vehicle can be plotted onto a map. A tracking device can be fitted to a vehicle if required.

Most people who are under surveillance do not realise that they are being observed or followed.

We will provide a full report which can be used if necessary in any further criminal, civil, internal discipline or matrimonial proceedings.

Please note:

Surveillance can be a costly and sometimes fruitless operation. It is very resource intensive and does not always produce the desired results. We will always discuss your requirements and expected outcomes before we agree to a surveillance operation.