Monument Investigations has vast experience in the field of vehicle crime.

Vehicle crime is one of the most common types of fraudulent activity. With the advances in technology around the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) a vehicle leaves a footprint on every journey it makes. The Police and DVLA now have wide powers which allow them to seize and if appropriate crush vehicles which are being used on the road without valid documents such as insurance or a vehicle excise licence. The DVLA have a target of removing 100,000 untaxed vehicles from the streets by the end of 2008.

These factors and the increasing costs associated with owning a car, mean many false and misrepresented claims are made on a daily basis. Staged accidents are a regular occurrence, this is where a vehicle deliberately becomes involved in a collision with another vehicle, at the time details are exchanged without any Police involvement and both parties drive away. The “victim” then falsely claims that they were injured in the collision and that there were other persons in the vehicle who were also injured and that their vehicle was damaged to such an extent that it is a “write off” as far as insurance company would be concerned.

Alternatively a vehicle is deemed beyond economical repair by a local garage so the owner arranges for the vehicle to be “torched” and then again claims on the insurance.

These are just a few examples of typical vehicle related crimes.

A full investigation into the events leading up to the alleged incident and subsequent actions of the claimant will all be undertaken. A report and statements suitable for civil or criminal proceedings will be prepared. Expert witnesses and forensic examiners will be used where appropriate.